Jamie and Stoney: A Conversation with MGM's Scott Butera

Sports gambling in Michigan could be officially operational as early as March

Jamie and Stoney
December 23, 2019 - 10:11 am

Riger and Stoney talk to Scott Butera, MGM’s President of Interactive Gaming, about Michigan legalizing sports gambling, the new technology that’s revolutionizing the industry, and the popularity of sportsbooks.

With Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer passing a bill that will legalize sports gambling, Butera touched on the new technology that will take advantage of the new customer base.

 “In terms of the technology we’re working with, you’ll be able to watch sports as you’re betting on sports. We’ll be feeding all kinds of data, all kinds of situations, [and] a lot of historical events that will help guide you in your betting.”

According to Butera, the sportsbooks themselves look to be a destination for those that may not be bettors.

“They are bursting at the seams and they’re getting better every day. These are high-action, lively, almost lounge areas. We’re [going to] have amazing food and beverage, it’s [going to] have over 60 TVs, all kinds of bar tops, [and] signature cocktails. It’s [going to] be a really fun place to be.”