Karsch and Anderson: Doug Called an Intern the Wrong Name for Two Semesters

"If I saw him today I'd call him Ben!"

Karsch and Anderson
January 09, 2020 - 1:08 pm

Gator, Evan, and Khang challenge Doug’s treatment of an intern in a past radio life and embarrass him live on-air.

Earlier in his career, Doug was a supervisor for new interns at the Ticket and another radio station years before. The boys received a ticket text from one of them by the name of Matt, who brought a scathing accusation: Doug called him “Ben” for two full semesters.

The full text read,

“I was an intern for two full semesters in the late ‘90s. It was just Doug who called me Ben. I was young and trying to get in the business so I kept my mouth shut. Dennis [Fithian] called me Matt, but Doug did give me an ‘A’ for the semester.”

Though Doug was happy to know he was a solid intern, he vehemently apologized for his mistake.

“I’m sorry Matt, I’m really, really sorry.”