Karsch and Anderson: Putting Together an Andre Drummond Deal

The Pistons center leads the NBA in rebounding with 15.9 boards-per-game

Karsch and Anderson
January 07, 2020 - 12:36 pm

Doug, Gator, and Khang chat about the trade rumors regarding Andre Drummond and what the team could land for him in a package with the Atlanta Hawks.

With the Pistons shutting down aging forward Blake Griffin and trade talk heating up around their middleman, it’s clear the team is finally going in the direction of a rebuild. Though the package will not be as large as it would have been last year, Doug is all-in on an extra first round pick.

“If you’re the Pistons and you have the ability to move on from Andre, a player you’re going to lose anyway for an extra first round pick, you do it.”

Gator suggested other assets the Pistons could package together to increase a potential return.

“You’ve also got other trade options on your own team. Derrick Rose is a guy who’s had a heck of a season. [He is] scheduled to make under $8 million next year [and] comes really cheap for a guy that does a lot in the few minutes he plays.”