Karsch and Anderson: If the Lions Hired Mike Vrabel, How Different Would Things Be?

Second-year head coach and former Lions interviewee has team on 9-3 run to AFC Championship Game

Karsch and Anderson
January 13, 2020 - 11:37 am

Doug and Gator talk up the success of Tennessee Titans Head Coach Mike Vrabel and how different he might have fared in Detroit had General Manager Bob Quinn hired him over Matt Patricia in 2018.

The Tennessee Titans upset the New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens on the way to their first AFC Championship Game since 2002, but the story continues to revolve around how their head coach has lead them here.

When the team was 2-4 after six games, Vrabel made a switch at quarterback from Marcus Mariota to Ryan Tannehill, a key personnel move during the season that lead to their current 9-3 run since. Meanwhile, Patricia has only won nine games in two years as the Lions' lead man.

Doug didn’t think it was fair to compare the two situations, but admitted that Vrabel probably would have made some more impactful changes.

“They’re not apples to apples. You take Vrabel, and he wasn’t the only thing. [The Lions] would’ve had to make great personnel decisions. He wasn’t in charge of that, but he definitely would’ve influenced it.”