Karsch & Anderson: Would You Trade Up to Draft Joe Burrow?

LSU quarterback's eight-touchdown performance could move the needle

Karsch and Anderson
December 30, 2019 - 11:10 am

Gator talks about the incredible eight-touchdown performance from LSU quarterback Joe Burrow and what it could mean for the Lions draft needs in April.

The Lions are slated to pick third in the upcoming NFL Draft, and for a defense that consistently ranked in the bottom tier of the league, Ohio State defensive end Chase Young was the dream.

“I think we all immediately think about the defensive side of the football and forever, it seemed like Chase Young was the guy.”

However, the injury to Matthew Stafford this season and how the team fared without him raises the question of a potential change in plans.

“I was watching the game, wrote a note, and it said ‘Joe Burrow, not matter what.’ I don’t know if I felt this way about a quarterback, ever, in thinking [he] was can’t-miss. You could make the argument that the Lions should trade up to draft [him].”

Gator tempered his expectations, however, knowing the Lions haven’t had their fair share of bold trades come draft time.

“I expect the Lions to stay where they are at No. 3, or to move back because the options are aplenty if they were to move back.”