Karsch and Anderson: Should the Lions Trade Up to Get Chase Young?

Detroit is projected to have a top-3 pick in upcoming NFL Draft

Karsch and Anderson
December 23, 2019 - 1:18 pm

Fresh off of the Lions’ eighth straight loss, Doug and Khang discuss what the team should do with its projected top-3 pick.

Doug believes the teams should do everything in its power to get the best player available.

“I would try [to] get Chase Young. If that meant moving up, move up. Is there any chance that the draft is [going to] fall to them and Chase Young would be available at 3, there’s a chance.”

Khang brought up a team need in the event that Young does not become available by the time the Lions would be on the clock.

“In a draft situation, you have to mix [the] best player available and need. If the talent gap between the receiver and the next-best defensive player is that big, at 3 you just can’t reach for a guy because you [have a] need [at] that position.”

Alabama wide receiver Jerry Jeudy is projected to be the best player available at the position in the 2020 Draft.