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Report: Tigers Have Reached Out To 'Marlins Man' To Become 'Tigers Man'

He recently was turned down by the Marlins for season tickets

March 29, 2018 - 9:13 am

If you have recently watched the NBA Finals or any Miami Marlins game then you have seen a man in a bright orange jersey and visor sitting front and center, or behind home plate, and you are very aware of 'Marlins Man'.

According to Darren Rovell of ESPN the Tigers have reached out to Laurence Leavy -- who is also known 'Marlins Man' -- to become their 'Tigers Man'.

"Four teams reached out to me already and said that I could become, like, the Tigers man or other teams, and they would be happy to sell me tickets on TV view for three years paid in advance with a substantial discount," said Leavy, who has become the most famous fan in sports by sitting at prime sporting events in some of the best seats. He is sitting in a great seat for an average of 285 sporting events a year, he estimates.

"Confirmed that Tigers have initially reached out to Marlins Man to sell him prime seats behind home plate in Detroit, could lead to him becoming 'Tigers Man'," Rovell tweeted.

He recently was turned down by the Marlins for season tickets.

Negotiations then stalled, according to Leavy's account, which included emails between Leavy and the team that were provided to ESPN. The Marlins recently told Leavy that he had a credit that would give him two season tickets in the outfield, and the team wanted him to apply that to the $263,000 bill they gave him for the four Diamond Club seats. Leavy took the credit but didn't agree to buy anything more. He told ESPN that he will give the seats away and likely won't ever sit in them.

The only question left to ask is: Do you want to see "Tigers Man" sitting behind home plate?