#RIPNickCanon Trends After Rapper Tries To Diss Track Eminem

Remember Nick Cannon? Wish him the best because he's dead.

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December 11, 2019 - 9:50 am

Zoe Meyers/The Desert Sun via USA TODAY NETWORK


Remember Nick Cannon? Wish him the best because he's dead.

Oh, not literally. We assume Mariah Carey's baby daddy is still breathing air. He's definitely drawing enough breath to talk trash.

But he picked on the wrong guy.

Cannon, who has tried with varying degrees of success to become a rapper, unleashed what was best described as a 'diss track' against Detroit's own verbal wonder Eminem.

Cannon hit him hard ... for being white and adopting his ex-wife's sister's daughter, reportedly when her mother battled drug addiction.

So, Eminem adopted a needy child because he didn't want his daughter's cousin in the state system? What a monster!

Twitter had a field day mocking Cannon. At one point someone changed his wikipedia to say 'occupation: clown.'

Here are some gems. It's also interesting to note #RIPNickCanon, with his name spelled incorrectly, is trending on Twitter.

After Nick's so-called diss Eminem sent two joking Tweets, one demanding an apology on behalf of his gardner.

And then he referenced the chauffer that he doesn't have.

Now, we would argue Eminem didn't need to come down from on high to even address Cannon, but he did. Their original beef seems to center on Mariah Carey, the pop diva to whom Cannon was briefly married and Eminem briefly dated.