The Pistons-Lions Jersey Swap You Need To See [PHOTO]

Maybe our four teams should look into this.

Evan Jankens
July 09, 2020 - 2:04 pm

Any jersey buff will freak out over this idea: swapping the Pistons' color scheme with the Lions' color scheme. 

The Pistons in blue and silver, the Lions in blue and red. Or how about the Lions in the silver-and-black look the Pistons released in 2018? Pretty cool thought, isn't it? 

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Thanks to Digitalize Sports & Media, we get to see what it would look like. Check it out below. 

The only thing I would change is keeping the team names the same. But if the Lions ever wanted to think outside the box and bring back a black uniform, these would be outstanding. 

Maybe our four teams should look into this.