Tigers Man Draws Attention Shirtless And Sunburned In 40 Degree Weather [VIDEO]

The pure-bred Michigander is a lifelong Tigers fan.

Will Burchfield
April 18, 2018 - 6:33 pm

Let's get one thing out of the way at the top. This was no stunt.

That burly, bushy-bearded Tigers fan at Comerica Park on Wednesday afternoon, the one who looked a bit like Yukon Cornelius, was shirtless in 40-degree weather as a matter of practicality. 

"I run hot," said the man by the name of Voz. He added, "This is me always." 

He pulled out his phone for proof. Sure enough, there was a picture of Voz bare-chested -- make that bear-chested -- in the snow. In the seventh inning on Wednesday, amid a small scattering of fans bundled up against the cold about 25 rows behind the Tigers' dugout, Voz basked in the sun and smiled. Perfect day for a ballgame. 

"You can't (beat it)," he said. "My weather is, give me six feet of snow, 60-below, I’m good to go. That’s it. I love the cold weather." 

The pure-bred Michigander is a lifelong Tigers fan -- and a fierce opponent of shirts. Of all the times he's been to Comerica Park, only once has he covered up. It wasn't his choice, of course. 

"I had it off and they made me put it back on. Don’t know the reasoning, didn’t want to argue," he said. "I enjoy the game and have a good time." 

No one took any issue with his routine on Wednesday. 

"In fact, they laughed at me. They told me, 'You got a lot of balls like that.' I just started laughing," said Voz. 

Then he pointed to the suites in the section above him. Fans had been shouting down for picture requests all afternoon. Indeed, Voz seems to be a hit wherever he goes. At the Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn, where Voz sets up shop on the infield twice a year, he's darn near a legend. 

"Got 12 spots on the infield, no shirt all weekend. All night, all day, no shirts. When I get there, when I leave, still no shirts," he said. 

His nickname? The Mayor of the Infield. And there are others. 

"Some people call me Chewbacca, Chewy, the Geico commercial caveman," he said. "Oh, one guy did call me the cartoon character from Christmas -- Yukon." 

Voz is cool with all of it. He's a man of the people, and certainly one comfortable in his own skin. If the Tigers are looking for a fan to rally around -- the organization reached out to Marlins Man last month with the idea of making him 'Tigers Man' -- Voz feels like the answer. 

Hey, the skipper's on board. When Ron Gardenhire saw a picture of Voz after Detroit's 6-5 win over Baltimore, he grinned and said, "That's awesome. I love it." 

Voz, whose age remains a mystery, has spent his whole life in Michigan, except for a brief stint when he moved out to Denver. (It was at a Broncos game in 1984 that Voz set a personal record for embracing the cold. "They played Green Bay, it was snowing and I believe it was minus-12 degrees," he said.) This year's unseasonably chilly spring has suited him just fine. 

As for everyone complaining about the weather, Voz has a message. 

"Suck it up!" he beamed. "If you can’t live with it, get out of Michigan. You know what Michigan is. You can’t change it, enjoy it." 

Voz was certainly enjoying it on Wednesday, just as he will be for the rest of the Tigers' season. Any time he's at Comerica Park, he said, he'll be basking -- make that baking -- in his shirtless glory. Just ask his six-year-old granddaughter, Delia, who was sitting next to him Wednesday afternoon. 

"What do I always tell you?" Voz asked her. 

"You’re always hot!" Delia responded.

Voz smiled in pride. 

"I can’t help it," he said. "I’m not going to sit at a game and be uncomfortable. I’m just always hot."