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Izzo Reportedly Hit With NCAA Violation For Hosting HS Alma Mater At Breslin Center

Michigan State was not recruiting any of the team's players.

June 12, 2019 - 2:24 pm

How about this for an NCAA rules violation?

Tom Izzo was reported for hosting his high school alma mater, Iron Mountain, at the Breslin Center last season the day before the Mountaineers played there in the state semifinals. As it was Iron Mountain's first time making it to that stage of the tournament, Izzo gave the team a tour of the arena and Michigan State's locker room. 

And then Michigan State self-reported the violation because high school players aren't allowed to tour facilities and meet coaches if they're at said facility to play a game, according to MLive

The violation report, per MLive, cleared Izzo of any willful wrongdoing and noted Michigan State was not recruiting any Iron Mountain players. Michigan State did not self-impose any penalties.

Izzo almost committed another violation the day after the tour when he organized a dinner for the Mountaineers and tried to split the bill with fellow Iron Mountain alum Steve Mariucci. Thankfully for Michigan State, the school's compliance director brought the rule to Izzo's attention before he paid, and the violation was avoided. 

“Of all the things going on, I think paying for your hometown meal would be really big on the Richter scale," Izzo joked to reporters the following day. 

According to MLive, Michigan State committed one other rules violation last season when Izzo engaged in impermissible contact with a pair of recruits after a high school game in January. As a result, the Spartans forfeited four recruiting days and cut back their contact with the two recruits during the rest of the school year. 

Michigan State's football program, meanwhile, did not report any violations for the 2018-19 school year.