Tony Hawk Mistaken For Lance Armstrong At Detroit Airport

Tony Hawk is the Michael Jordan of skateboarding.

Evan Jankens
August 21, 2018 - 2:58 pm

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports


Tony Hawk is the Michael Jordan of skateboarding.

Whether or not you have stepped foot on a skateboard you have heard the name before -- but do you know what he looks like? 

Hawk was recently in Detroit, where he has built an amazing skate park downtown, and he had an interesting run in with TSA at Detroit Metro Airport. A security officer thought he was Lance Armstrong.

He tweeted the following:

TSA agent (staring intently): I’m trying to figure out who you look like before checking your ID.

Me: ok TSA: that cyclist Armstrong!

Nearby agent: that ain’t Lance Armstrong

Me: he’s right

TSA: oh you look like that skateboarder (checks ID). Same last name too! Crazy! Me: crazy

Tony Hawk and Lance Armstrong look nothing alike, which I find hilarious. I guess middle aged white guys can't catch a break. 

The responses to his tweet are amazing. Twitter with the win again.