The Top 5 Sports Video Game Franchises

Five years ago this week, the NCAA Football franchise went away.

Evan Jankens
July 10, 2018 - 3:34 pm

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports


Five years ago this week the NCAA Football franchise went away. EA Sports was sued by former UCLA Bruin Ed O'Bannon.

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The case began in July 2009 as a suit that seemed aimed primarily at release forms that allegedly forced Bowl Subdivision football players and Division I men's basketball players to "relinquish rights to compensation for use of their images after they no longer are student-athletes." It since has morphed into a case that basically challenges the NCAA rules that limit what football and men's basketball players can receive in exchange for playing their sports.

The final game featured Michigan QB Denard Robinson on the cover.

I wanted to talk about my favorite sports franchise video games, so here they are! 

5. FIFA Soccer

4. MLB The Show

I use to only play the XBox, but the moment I laid my eyes on the MLB The Show franchise my life was changed. I became a Playstation guy because of this game.

3. Madden NFL

It's hard to say Madden isn't the top sports video game of all-time since it has been around since 1992. It's a great game and I've spent hundreds of hours playing the game but it's not my number one.

2. NCAA Football

NCAA Football was so much fun to me. As a fan of the Michigan State Spartans, it was my chance to bring a National Championship back to East Lansing.

1. NBA 2K

I think this is the most realistic sports video game on the market. From the look of the players to the play on the court, NBA 2K is the perfect sports video game.

Honorable Mention: Tiger Woods golf

This game is very similar to FIFA. Whether or not you like golf, you can enjoy this game with your friends or by yourself.