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Boobs, hot takes, Yzerman hates pot, rage at Verlander, Dantonio, Harbaugh, more.

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November 28, 2019 - 6:00 am
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Here's a dirty little secret that we know around the 97.1 The Ticket offices.

We know you.

It's almost creepy how well we can predict what you're going to click on before we hit publish. Now we admit, every once in awhile you surprise us. But not that often. And when you show us through the numbers that you like something, we give you more of it. 

Here's a chance for you, the audience, to get to know yourselves a little bit better by seeing the top stories you clicked on so far this year on

They're in order from 10 to 1, ranked by the number of pageviews they received.


No. 10 was the kind of hot take that you can't get enough of. You especially love it when Mike Valenti says things like ...

Mike Valenti: It's Over For Dantonio

How's that?

Back in October, before others were brave enough to go this far Valenti said Michigan State University's football program had become a joke.

The team has reached a point where the athletic director is a placeholder, and it's time for a new kind of conversation about the leadership.

"There is no more discussion about how Mark should get to go out ... A real university that's serious about football and serious about their product, which MSU has proven not to be, would go to Dantonio and say, 'OK, this is done. We can do this the nice way or we can do this the nasty way. Which way would you like to do it? However you want to frame that, we're willing to work with you on it. We'll hand you an ice cream cream cone. If you want rainbow sprinkles, we'll roll it in the sprinkles for you. But you're done, it's over, you're out. There is no more reshaping it, there is no more 'I'll try again.' There is no more firing your church buddies over again. It's all over."


No. 9 had people wondering how it was possible to heap even more bad PR on Michigan State University. Apparently, it was possible when ...

Report: MSU Band Forced To Ride Bus To Final Four After Trustees Take Spots On Flight

Michigan State University has reached the Final Four of NCAA Tournament, but the school's band has an extra long journey to get there. 

According to a story from reporter David Harns, the Michigan State University band will have to bus 10 hours from East Lansing to Minneapolis for the Final Four because their seats on the Spartans' flight have been taken by school trustees and other MSU staff members.

Let them eat cake!


No. 8 has everyone in Michigan ready to say, "But it's legal now!" Don't tell that to stoic Steve Yzerman because ...

How Steve Yzerman 'Grilled' Draft Prospect: ‘So I Heard You Smoke Weed'

Steve Yzerman was an intimidating player on the ice, and he's no different off it. 

18-year-old Kirby Dach learned that the hard way during an interview with the Red Wings GM before this year's draft. 

In an interview on the Spittin' Chiclets podcast, Dach, who wound up going third overall to the Blackhawks, said "Yzerman and Detroit grilled me."

"I sit down, I’m like, ‘Nice to meet you' -- hockey legend so I’m being respectful," Dach said. "(He) sits down, ‘So I heard you smoke weed.’"

That's one way to start. 

"No," Dach replied. "I really don’t."


No. 7 is fightin' words.

Castellanos On Comerica: 'This Park's A Joke'

Of his 104 career home runs in six years, just 44 have come within the confines of Comerica Park. Surely, part of that can be contributed to the spacious dimensions of the Tigers' home digs, one of the largest stadiums in the Major Leagues.

Following his walk-off on Sunday, Castellanos opened up on his feelings about Comerica, on a day where the depth of the field played in the Tigers' favor, with the Blue Jays seeing several hard-hit balls swallowed up by the outfield.

"This park's a joke," Castellanos said. "It’s to the point where, how are we going to be compared to the rest of the people in the league for power numbers and OPS and slugging and all this stuff, when we’ve got a yard out here that’s 420 feet straight across to center field? We get on second base, third base, and (opposing players) looking like, ‘how do you guys do this?' We play 81 games here, I don’t want to hear it about your two you hit that are questionable.”


No. 6 had something we know you kids love ... Anything you can hate. And nostalgia for a glorious sports past that's almost hard to remember around Detroit these days. 

Justin Verlander Posted A Photo That Will Make Tigers' Fans Upset [PHOTO]

If you follow Justin Verlander on Instagram you might get a little upset. 

Verlander captioned the photo, "Reunited and it feels so good. #ASG2019." The photo shows Shane Greene, James McCann, J.D. Martinez and Verlander.


No. 5 had a hottie, which we know you love, but in this instance she was connected to an actual sports story ... At least a little bit.

Female Fan Sitting Behind Dallas Stars' Bench Steals The Show [PHOTOS]

There's stealing the show --  and then there's this -- which took it to a whole new level during a Dallas Stars game. 


No. 4  had the kind of fiery rhetoric you crazy kids really like. You especially applauded when ...

Braylon Edwards: It Doesn't Matter If You Fire Harbaugh -- There's A 'Deeper-Seated Problem'

To Edwards, it's not really about the coach. It's about the players -- and the willingness of the program to cast a wider net in recruiting. 

"It doesn’t matter if you fire Harbaugh," Edwards told 97.1 The Ticket's podcast The Time That. "You have to adjust the deeper-seated problem, which is, we have to change the way we recruit. We have to get some guys in here that may be projects mentally, educationally. That’s the best thing about being a Michigan Man, what Bo said: 'Those who stay.' You bring these guys in and you teach them, you nurture them, you mentor them.

"Stop trying to bring in kids that had a 1600 on the SAT. Let’s be honest, stop trying to bring in kids that come from two-parent homes and picket fences and got a dog named Fluffy and all that. You need to bring in some dogs. You need to bring in some kids that are hungry. You need to bring in some kids that need Michigan. Stop trying to bring in kids that don’t need Michigan." 


No. 3 is a bit of a head scratcher, but you guys really, really liked it when ...

Luka Doncic Won Rookie Of The Year But His Mom Stole The Show [PHOTOS] 

Dallas Mavericks' Luka Doncic won the Rookie of the Year award Monday night, receiving 98 out of 100 first place votes.

Good for him ... but that's not why everyone is talking about Tuesday morning.

His mother, former model Mirjam Poterbin, once again stole the show. Several of her new fans called her the GOAT of rookie moms.


At No. 2 is something you don't see every day ...

Scottie Pippen's Ex-Wife Pumps Gas In Tiny Bikini [PHOTO]

Have you ever pumped gas in your bathing suit? 

Larsa Pippen, the ex of NBA superstar Scottie Pippen decided to drop jaws at a gas station when she got out pumping gas in a tiny pink bikini. 

She captioned the photo, "Was running on E." We think she means her gas tank, but it could also mean her thirst for attention.

And you guys gave it up. Now the term 'sports story' is questionable here, we'll agree. In our defense, it does have the words 'Scottie Pippen' in the headline.


And No. 1 is ... drumroll please ...

Model Julia Rose Flashes Breasts On TV During World Series, Banned For Life [VIDEO]

If you were watching game five of the World Series Sunday night you were in for something that you don't normally see during a baseball game.


Model Julia Rose was sitting behind home plate and flashed the entire viewing audience.

Hit play on the video below if bare breasts don't offend you -- and you're not in the office, or a library, a business meeting, coffee shop or your kid's school. See a video HERE if it seems like the right thing for you do to.