Two Trade Partners Emerging For Lions In First Round Of NFL Draft

It's no secret Bob Quinn wants to trade down. 

Jamie and Stoney
April 25, 2019 - 1:44 pm

Thearon W. Henderson / Stringer


Watch out for the Jets when the NFL Draft kicks off Thursday night, watch out for the Bills. And watch out for the Lions. 

All three teams are actively trying to trade out of the top 10, per multiple reports. 

The Jets pick third, the Lions pick eighth, and the Bills pick ninth. 

Lions general manager Bob Quinn has been clear over the past month about his desire to trade down. He ruled out trading up during his pre-draft press conference last week and said, "I’d rather move back a couple spots, if anything." 

The motive is simple. Quinn wants to accumulate as many picks as possible.

And two teams, it appears, are on the Lions' radar. 

"Right now they're entertaining trade offers to move down, either to the Vikings or the Texans, who want to move up and get (offensive lineman) Andre Dillard," Tony Pauline of told the Jamie and Stoney Show on 97.1 The Ticket. 

The Vikings are currently picking 18th, the Texans 23rd. predicted Thursday morning that the Lions will indeed strike a deal with Houston. In addition to pick No. 23, the Lions would get one of the Texans' two second-round picks this year (either No. 54 or No. 55) and one of their day-two picks (second or third round) next year. 

Would Quinn be open to moving back as far as No. 23 -- a 15-spot drop? It would depend on the offer. 

He said last week there isn't a specific range he'd like to stay in should he indeed trade down. 

"It's really hard to say right now because some teams in that, say, 13 to 15 (range) don’t want to do anything," said Quinn. "But you get an offer from 21 and it looks really good, you’re looking at the board and saying, alright, well, 8 to 21, that’s 13 spots, there’s 13 good players I like there.

"So you kind of have to do the quick math, look at your board and say, alright, I’m at least going to get that guy. And then you kind of evaluate it from there."

Maybe the more uncertain scenario regarding the Lions is who they'll pick if they stand pat at No. 8. There are possibilities galore, from the likes of offensive lineman Jonah Williams and tight end T.J. Hockenson to defensive lineman Ed Oliver and linebacker Devin Bush. And the list is much longer than that. 

Pauline brought up a name not many have mentioned. 

"If they don't move down, I think they could look to defensive tackle. Christian Wilkins (from Clemson) is a guy that's moving up draft boards. He's somebody that I think they like. He could slide into that spot," said Pauline.

As for Hockenson?

Unlikely, said Pauline, "because of the fact there are so many tight ends in this year's draft. I like him a lot, but you can get a good tight end in the second round or the third round. So I think it could be Wilkins. I think they will also consider Rashan Gary as another bookend, defensive end type of player to Trey Flowers."