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University Of Florida Student Trolls Ole Miss Basketball Player By Sharing Their Tinder Conversation [PHOTOS]

She papered the arena; Fans shouted the words back at him.

January 31, 2019 - 11:14 am

Nothing that you do is private anymore. Doubt that? Check this out.

The hottest way to hook up in the last few years is through the dating app Tinder, where people swipe right on people they want to date. It's especially easy to land a date if you are a Division 1 athlete traveling throughout the season.

Case in point: Breein Tyree is a Junior guard for Mississippi and his team took on the Florida Gators Wednesday night. While he was in town, he apparently decided to see who was down for a little quick meet-up -- and by quick, we mean within a matter of hours. 

That night, Tyree had himself one heck of a game scoring 20 points in a loss to the Gators.

But how did he concentrate considering this was going on behind the scenes? The girl he tried to hook up with printed his Tinder messages and papered them across the arena.   

And then chanted them at him throughout the game warmup. 

According to

Ole Miss guard Breein Tyree was up late on Tuesday night swiping on Tinder in Gainesville looking for some temporary lovin’. He matched with a young lady and they indulged each other in a conversation that ultimately led to a failed meet-up. Happens a billion times a day in online dating. Brush it off and move on.

Not so fast. The student printed out her conversation with Breein and distributed the copies to hundreds of fans at the Ole Miss v. Florida basketball game. Fans used it to troll him during warmups for Wednesday’s contest by reading the messages aloud during warmups.

These messages could have been so much worse. I thought they were pretty tame and nothing to be embarrassed about.

Has something like this ever happened to you?