Valenti: If Engler Tried To Pay Off Nassar Victim, MSU Is 'Irredeemable'

He Says There Are Questions To Be Answered About the Accusation

The Valenti Show
April 13, 2018 - 3:22 pm

(97.1 The Ticket)


(97.1 The Ticket) Kaylee Lorincz, a victim of Michigan State University dirty Dr. Larry Nassar, told the university board of directors during a public meeting that newly appointed interim President John Engler offered her $250,000 to walk away from her case against the university.

She alleged that she responded her case wasn't about money ... and said Engler then asked her for a dollar amount. She said he added it was sad that so many good doctors were going to be judged by "one bad doctor."

"I felt like I was being bullied," she said. The university spokeswoman later said Engler was only engaging in a philosophical discussion about what amount would be appropriate.

While many called for Engler's resignation, Lorincz's accusation landed like a bomb for Mike Valenti, 97.1 host and MSU alum, who has long defended the school against outsize allegations by ESPN and others.

"I have no reason not to believe this young lady, other than this," Valenti said. "I find it absolutely, utterly, mind-numbingly absurd that a former lawyer and former governor and an interim president (Engler) is meeting with all Nassar survivors who knows the entire world's eyes are upon him, and who an army of lawyers are surrounding, would be this absolutely stupid."

Valenti said it would be so insane that the accusation gives him pause.

"I am sorry, my job is to be honest wth you ... If this is true, my school is irredeemable. This would represent my end point where the leadership at MSU is so flawed, so inept, so absurd that there's nothing left, honestly," he said.

That offer would make John Engler "the dumbest human being to walk the face of this earth."

He said would like to "hear the other side" before deciding if it actually happened. "I'm sorry if I'm not automatically going to just jump," he said, adding he wasn't trying to discredit the victim, but thought it was time to take a pause and ask questions.

"How could he be this tone deaf, this idiotic?" Valenti said. 

Lorincz said Larry Nassar sexually assaulted her when she sought treatment for back pain, making her one of hundreds of young women who were molested in the name of alleged medical care. Nassar was sentenced to 175 years in prison when he was convicted of the allegations last month.

MSU President Lou Anna K. Simon stepped down in the wake of the conviction and amid many questions about what the university knew, when they knew it, and whether leaders tried to cover up Nassar's actions.

In a separate case, a woman filed a lawsuit Monday saying the university's counselors discouraged her from filing a police report after three Michigan State basketball players allegedly raped her in 2015. She accuses the school of violating Title IX protocol and claims staff made it clear that "she faced an uphill battle that would create anxiety and unwanted media attention" should she report her rape.