Mike Valenti: Lions Play Against Giants Proves They're 'Trash'

The Valenti Show
October 29, 2019 - 11:55 am

(97.1 The Ticket) A weekend that brought a big win to the Wolverines and a solid victory for the Detroit Lions brought a surprising lack of enthusiasm from Mike Valenti.

That's sarcasm, folks.

Valenti opened Monday's show by reading a text that said, "The Lions win did nothing for me, they let Danny Dimes go for 300 and four touchdowns, they were lucky the Lions defense was worse."

"They're just not very good," Valenti added.

Despite the win over the Giants, the Lions are the very definition of mediocrity, Valenti said.

He added a playoff team looks like New Orleans, Baltimore, New England, San Francisco and other "real teams" -- but not the Lions.

How are the Lions getting to 10 wins, he asked? The tie against Arizona isn't a win. The Bears are the only solid possibility for a win coming up.

"We're trash, we're terrible," he said.

In sum, there's no running game, the defense is allowing too many yards, and the Lions will always find new ways to lose.

Are the Lions a good team? That question was posed by producer Mike "Sully" Sullivan.

"I think the win is a win-is-a-win-guy is just a very limited intellect human being," Valenti said, adding, "I'm just not interested in that."