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WATCH: Bill Walton Eats Cupcake With Lit Candle During Washington-ASU Broadcast

Dave Pasch is a true professional for putting up with Walton all the time.

February 10, 2019 - 11:51 am

TEMPE, Ariz. (97.1 The Ticket) -- Bill Walton is a national treasure.

Love or hate his wacky personality on and off the air, watching Walton call a basketball game with partner Dave Pasch, you're bound to laugh at something -- whether out of enjoyment or disgust.

Walton has become infamous for his wild tagents that may or may not have anything to do with the college basketball game in front of him.

The former UCLA and NBA great has been known to cause a ruckus on the broadcast. From playing a glockenspiel and wearing a bear (or beaver) hat, to talking about bridges in Portland during a discussion on former MSU star Miles Bridges.

Last year Walton argued the Pac-12, "Conference of Champions," should have had seven or eight teams in the NCAA Tournament (it got three) and he called ESPN bracketologist an "ostrich" and insulted him by saying he stays in a cave all the time.

On Saturday night, we gained another beautiful Walton moment. During the broadcast of the Washington-Arizona State game, Pasch and Walton were wishing someone a happy birthday live on-air and Pasch challenged Walton to take a bite out of a cupcake while the candle was lit.

After a brief pause, Wild Bill dove right in and took a big, old, flaming bite of sweetness.

After years of being on the call with Walton, Pasch should have known better, but he was still surprised. 

What will Walton do next?