Who Is On The Hottest Seat In Detroit Sports? (Experiment)

Who will be the last to melt in the record setting temps?

July 18, 2019 - 12:54 pm

With temperatures feeling like 107 degrees in the forecast for Friday, let's do a little experiment. 

They're currently the most scrutinized people in Detroit sports and they'll be pitted against each other ... frozen in ice. Watch as we see who will melt and who will be the last to stand against the scorching sun in our parking lot.

Sports Hot Seat Experiment Mark Dantonio, Jim Harbaugh, Matthew Stafford, Juwan Howard, Al Avila, Tom Izzo, Matt Patricia, Bob Quinn

Will Jim Harbaugh have ice in his veins? Will Matthew Stafford come through strong in the fourth quarter? You'll have to tune in live at noon on Friday to find out. Come back to this page during or after the event to see how it settles out.

The challengers include MSU football head coach Mark Dantonio, U-M football head coach Jim Harbaugh, Lions QB Matthew Stafford, newly minted U-M basketball head coach Juwan Howard, MSU basketball head coach Tom Izzo, Detroit Tigers GM Al Avila, Lions head coach Matt Patricia and Lions GM Bob Quinn. 

Watch out for a surprise guest! We've been told Wojo will be all lathered up in butter for a chance to talk to popsicle Harbaugh.