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Jamie and Stoney
November 27, 2018 - 9:12 am

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Tough Guy: Trailer Released For Bob Probert Documentary [VIDEO]

The film, set to release next month in Canada and some time in 2019 in the U.S., focuses on Probert's "tough guy" mentality, on and off the ice.

Ageless Kate Beckinsale Praises Her 'Penis Facial'

How does she stay so gorgeous? The 45-year-old actress shared a very odd facial technique that she likes on her Instagram page. The caption says, "After a long flight I do like to lie down and be covered in a mask of liquified cloned foreskins-frankly who doesn’t? Thank you @georgialouisesk for an amazing facial. I especially liked you reassuring me it would be “light on penis” as it was my first time x."

Cooter Backs Stafford, Takes Ownership Of Offensive Struggles As Job Security Wanes

"I’m accountable for everything that happens on this offense," he said on Monday. "Bad things that happen, things that don't happen right, whether it’s being in a different spot or some decision somebody out there on the field is making that maybe isn't even seen on the TV copy of the game, that stuff’s all on me. I have to do a better job coaching our guys and putting us in a better position to succeed." 

Elderly Vikings' Fan Attacked Packers' Fan [VIDEO]

You don't want to mess with this guy.