Mike Valenti: Harbaugh ‘Looks Like A Dude Dressed In A Dead Guy’s Costume’ [VIDEO]

The Valenti Show
March 14, 2018 - 2:57 pm

(97.1 The Ticket) Never one to mince words, 97.1 The Ticket host Mike Valenti said the Outback Bowl  loss showed that Michigan’s scheme is garbage.

“And another opponent comes out and says, ‘Hey, we know what you’re running, we know exactly what you’re doing,” Valenti said. “The wide receiver routes, how easy they are to identify. Your scheme, it’s easy. Here’s the problem I would have if I were a Michigan fan: You got $11 million invested in offensive minds. Remember when Harbaugh went out and told you ‘we got the best minds in college football?’ You could have a collection of children with Playskool headsets from what I see with this scheme.”

He pointed out that South Caroline had no offensive coordinator other than a graduate assistant — after theirs was fired — and they beat Michigan 26-19.

“Let that sink in for a minute,” Valenti said, adding, there was no cohesiveness on Michigan’s staff … and  a questionable number of good assistant coaches who want to work with Harbaugh — and the khaki-clad guru only lasts four years per job.

He said Harbaugh loves chaos. “How many insane play calls go through that head set?” Valenti asked.

“Your problems run way deeper than just your QB,” Valenti said.

And he wondered at which point fans start to wonder if Harbaugh “has it.”

“Guys, this is real,” Valenti said. What’s happening to you is real. Jim Harbaugh, this is my perception, walked in thinking he was going to be the smartest guy in the room … and he would run around, get all the attention, cut a few corners, do whatever needs to get dome, get things rolling, and then boom! He’s a savior, his ego gets fed and he goes back to the NFL. But now, he just looks like a dude dressed in a dead guy’s costume. It’s the truth.”